The next session of Students for Justice will be in Fall 2021.  We are currently welcoming applications from current college students, including those taking gap years.

Paid Internships for Fall 2021:  Political Organizer

(Updated July 28, 2021)


Students for Justice is a paid internship program for current college students, including those taking gap years. Working mostly remotely, Students for Justice interns will engage in creative campaigns to increase voter registration, awareness, and voter turnout among young people and in communities of color.


The fall session runs from September 13-November 12, 2021 (nine weeks), and requires a time commitment of an average of 12 hours/week.  Interns will receive a stipend of $15/hour.  


Interns will learn to create paid and organic social media campaigns to increase voter registration and turnout.  They will work in groups of four to develop political messaging, design ads/posts, target ads, and evaluate the performance of ads. They will be taught key skills and guided in their work by experienced political marketing professionals. 


Interns will also gain leadership skills by recruiting and managing volunteers to engage in voter outreach efforts in Virginia in preparation for the November state-wide elections.  Some voter registration and get-out-the-vote activities will be done in person on college campuses and surrounding communities, while some will be done via postcards and possibly also phone calls.


Because some voter registration work will be done in person, we invite each applicant to recruit one or more friends from the same location to apply to the internship so that you have the option to work in pairs or groups when you go out to do voter registration.  Please specify on the application form who your proposed partner(s) is/are.


Interns will learn from a series of guest speakers about topics related to voting rights and political organizing.  Past program speakers have included Congressman John Sarbanes (D-MD-3) and Brenda Hyde, a community organizer with Southern Echo, a Mississippi-based program.  


Program expectations include:

  • Attending a weekly informational “town hall” meeting with all interns and staff

  • Meeting weekly with an assigned volunteer mentor

  • Meeting at least weekly and probably more often with teammates

  • Attending weekly guest lectures

  • Keeping your video on so that you are fully present in all meetings

  • Recruiting at least five volunteers to engage in political outreach


Work schedules are flexible.  While we expect that interns will attend as many meetings in real time as possible, we recognize that every college student’s schedule is different.  As a result, all town hall meetings and guest lectures are recorded so that they can be viewed later if they conflict with an intern’s schedule.  Mentor meetings and team meetings will be scheduled by those involved so that they work for all. 


How to Apply: Please fill out this form. You must be enrolled in or on leave from college, or on a gap year before starting college, in order to apply, and you must be 18 or older by September 13, 2021, to participate.  At this time, we are not accepting applications from students who have already participated in a past session of Students for Justice. Applications will be reviewed and positions filled on a rolling basis.  If you have any questions, you can reach us at


Who We Are: Students for Justice is an initiative of the Center for Common Ground, a non-partisan 501(c)(3) based in Virginia.