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FALL 2022

Update:  The Summer 2022 session is fully enrolled.  We are now accepting applications for Fall 2022.


Paid Internships for Fall 2022:  Political Organizer


10-15 hours/week; $15/hour; Sept 12-Nov 9, 2022; flexible schedule. 

(Updated July 13, 2022)


Learn how to get out the vote and defend democracy!  Students for Justice is a remote internship for college students who are interested in helping underrepresented communities of color in North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida overcome voter suppression to have their say on the issues of today in the 2022 midterm elections. 


Applicants must be current college students who will be 18 by September 12, 2022.


Interns will work in teams to create social media ad campaigns aimed at increasing youth voter registration and/or turnout.  They will be taught the skills of political messaging, graphic design for social media, targeting, and performance analysis by marketing strategy professionals.  


Interns will also recruit, train, and supervise volunteers to work at getting out the vote via postcards, phone banking, and text banking.   Students for Justice will supply all the postcards, stamps, etc., and will organize phone banking and text banking events for interns and their volunteers.


While learning these political organizing skills, interns will also benefit from a series of educational guest speakers on issues relating to politics and from one-on-one mentoring by an experienced professional.


This internship is compatible with other responsibilities.  Intern team meetings and interns’ meetings with their mentors are scheduled by the individuals involved. All other work is self-scheduled. Presentations are recorded for later viewing by interns who aren’t able to attend in real-time.  


The weekly allocation of time will look something like this:


  • Weekly presentations from social media professionals (1 hour/week)

  • Team meetings (1-2 hours/week)

  • Work on social media assignments (3-6 hours/week)

  • Work to recruit and manage volunteers to do voter outreach (2-5 hours/week)

  • Phone banking (1-2 hours/week)

  • One-on-one meeting with volunteer mentor (.5 hours/week)

  • Voter registration in your community (1-3 hours/week)

  • Intern Town Hall (1 hour/week)

  • Guest speaker presentation (1 hour/week)


Skills gained:

  • Political organizing and voter outreach skills, including phone banking, text banking, and voter registration

  • Leadership and management skills, including the recruitment, supervision, motivation, and coordination of volunteers

  • Political marketing skills including the creation, implementation, and assessment of political social media ad campaigns


How to apply:  Complete this Google form and upload your resume.  Acceptance to the program will be on a rolling basis until the program is full. Questions?  Reach out to us at  


About us:  Students for Justice is an initiative of the Center for Common Ground, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization. Our mission is to empower our youth to strengthen our democracy.  

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