Empowering Our Youth to Strengthen Our Democracy

Students for Justice is a paid internship program for college students. The program was founded in May 2020 to meet two urgent needs –the need to fight voter suppression and apathy, and the need to engage young people in the electoral process. Working remotely, Students for Justice interns take on a variety of projects –- communications, outreach, and community organizing— all aimed at getting out the vote.  Interns develop paid social media campaigns to increase voter registration and turnout. They recruit, train, and motivate volunteers to use postcards, phone calls, and texts to contact some of the 16.5 million Americans who have been purged from the voter rolls, helping them re-establish their voter registration, and get out the vote. 


Students for Justice is nonpartisan.  Our mission is to empower underrepresented voters in communities of color in voter suppression states through voter registration and by providing the information needed to overcome barriers to voting.  Since its inception in May 2020, Students for Justice has had 237 interns from over 30 different states and over 80 different colleges.  In 2020, our interns and the volunteers they recruited sent over 135,000 postcards to voters, spent hundreds of hours phone and text banking, and reached over three million people with their social media posts.  Tracks from the three previous sessions include Team Leader, Marketing Strategist, Filmmaker, Political Organizer, and Tech Tools Consultant. 


Students for Justice is an initiative of the Center for Common Ground, Virginia-based 501(c)(3).